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Clinic Luxe has established the Training Institute Since 2001. The two promotions of participants completed their training course from our institute, of which participants around 30 to 40 were trained for 6 months in a lot of beauty technical skills. A variety of beauty techniques that participants gained from our institute were the method of taking care of face skin, face massage, body message, weight reduction technique, face skin tightening ..............(1)...........(2)........ and etc. In addition, the Institute has also provided other professional and personal quality training. These includes 3 4 5 6 .............................

The outstanding participants would be received to be a full staff of the company. And the others will get the additional training in order to they will be able to do their own business after getting official certificates from our company.

Reference is made to the above-mentioned matter; it really certifies that Samangkar Luxe Company has been joining in human resource development of the country, and help to find jobs for Cambodian people.

Participants practice their skill in acne treatment and sale products. They are strictly controlled from technicians of the company in order to avoid them to be confused of performing with clients.